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JOB TITLE – Sales Representative/Membership Counselor

INTRODUCTION – Membership Sales Representatives have the power to help change peoples lives by helping them to begin their fitness program. Contemporary sales techniques focus on consultative selling where the rep asks questions and explains what to expect from the proposed fitness programs.

MAIN FUNCTION – Here are some of the things a membership sales rep may do in the course of perfoming their duties:

1. Greet guests.
2. Ask questions and build rapport.
3. Show the facility and explain benefits.
4. Present pricing options.
5. Answer questions.
6. Set appointments with prospective members/clients.
7. Follow up on prospects and members/clients progress.
8. Conduct various promotions to stimulate new and renewal memberships or clients.

Job duties may vary according to the specific requirements of each company.

REQUIREMENTS – Ideal candidates should be self starting, great communicators, honest, success oriented, and have the right attitude for commission based selling. Experience with sales presentations and prospecting a plus.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING – Some college and sales courses, training, seminars, etc are preferred.

HOURS AND DAYS – Hours range from part-time evening work to split shifts, anywhere from 10 to 50 hours a week.

COMPENSATION – (See IDEA compensation surveys) Keep in mind compensation is based on the locality and other factors. This position is often partly commission based.