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JOB TITLE – Group Exercise Instructor

INTRODUCTION – Sometimes previously known as Aerobics Instructors, group exercise is now widely varied and specialized.

MAIN FUNCTION – Here are some of the things a Group Exercise Instructor may do in the course of training their clients and members:

1. Provide a fun and safe workout through one or more specialty group exercise classes.
2. Greet, introduce and welcome participants.
3. Educate participants concerning safe exercise techniques and constantly monitoring safety.
4.Aquaint new participants with class procedures.
5. Deliver the class in a fun and interesting manner.
6. Monitor proper form and technique using positive reinforcement.
7. Promote classes and assist in promotions and events.
8. Stay after class to answer questions and interact.
9. Obtain substitutes as needed
10. Maintain a desire for continuing technical improvement.

Job duties may vary according to the specific requirements of each company.

REQUIREMENTS – The ability to teach and instruct and possess current knowledge and the necessary specialized skills. Must enjoy training, motivating and communicating with people. Should be able to fill in schedules at last minute. Specialization skill experience usually required.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING – Usually a nationally recognized certification such as ACE, AFAA, ACSM, NSCA, etc., OR a fitness related degree.

HOURS AND DAYS – Hours range from part-time evening work to split shifts, anywhere from 10 to 50 hours a week.

COMPENSATION – (See IDEA compensation surveys) Keep in mind compensation is based on the locality and other factors.