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  • Fitness Tip

    When starting a new training regimen and lifestyle it is very useful to know one’s body fat percentage. There is other information than can be collected at the start of a new fitness program to help assure ones success. A personal trainer can not only help collect and analyze this information, they can apply it in the context of your particular fitness goals.

    Body fat percentage

    A certified personal trainer can now figure out a person’s body fat by conducting a body composition assessment with skin-fold calipers. Knowing your body composition is important because a person could be “overweight” according to a scale but have an ideal body fat percentage. Also, it can work the other way, with a person being below their proper weight but be above their ideal body fat percentage. Knowing body fat percentages is important because obesity is related to the risk of getting coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. So, it’s very important to know and keep a healthy body fat percentage. So, if you are questioning what kind of shape you are currently in, go and get a body composition assessment. It could be very beneficial to your training and overall health!

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